We got the idea to create a brand line after extensive experience in cosmetics development and application, which solves various skin problems. We discovered the main causes of such skin diseases as acne, hyperpigmentation, seborrhea, photo- and chrono-aging.
All the available market products did not meet our company's goals to eliminate the causes of dermatological disease and not just to deal with symptoms and consequences.
Thanks to the years of extensive experience, scientific approach, medical expertise, and our own pharmaceutical production, we created the Vitrio Therapy Anti-Acne brand line.
So far, these are five products for solving all possible causes of acne. The products contain the highly effective and most advanced components proved by science.
The patented active complex Ac.Net™ , included in all products, was specially developed by French scientists to prevent and treat all forms of acne. It regulates the sebaceous glands, reduces hypersecretion, blocks the causes of acne, has a mild keratolytic effect, thereby eliminating hyperkeratosis.

Five top products for clean, beautiful, and healthy skin:

EXPERT EXPRESS PEELING Express peeling for oily and problematic skin is a professional product that combines traditional aesthetic medicine and the biotechnological complex of alpha-hydroxy acids. It is used to prepare the skin for essential skincare products and more effective treatment.

DEEP CLEANSING FOAM A cleansing foam for oily and combination skin based on plant extracts. It effectively cleanses the skin, has an antibacterial effect, deeply cleanses pores, and soothes inflamed skin.

HYDRA MATTIFYING FLUID Moisturizing emulsion for problem skin. The light texture of the emulsion-fluid perfectly moisturizes without causing an oily sheen. It prevents the appearance of new rashes and inflammation, mattifies the skin, and is an excellent base for makeup.

SEBUM BALANCING CREAM Sebum-regulating cream for the problem and oily skin eliminates the causes of acne, reduces inflammation, exanthema and rushes. In addition, it normalizes the skin microbiome, prevents the development and spread of pathogenic flora, which contributes to the spread of bacteria and the appearance of acne.

CLARIFYING MASK Purifying mask for oily and combination skin is a complex for cleansing the skin and treating acne. It effectively and deeply absorbs impurities, reduces visible signs of acne, dries up skin inflammations, normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands, improves and evens out skin tone.
A comprehensive approach to acne treatment brings the expected result and long-lasting effect of using products.
ViTrio Therapy Anti-Acne – is a complex of optimally selected products based on a combination of scientific developments, dermatologists' expertise, and cutting-edge trends in aesthetic cosmetology. Furthermore, our own production at a pharmaceutical plant in Europe following GMP standards guarantees high quality and ensures the result from our products.
ViTrio Therapy Anti-Acne for beautiful and healthy skin!
The history of the ViTrio Therapy brand dates back to 2015. Based on research, unique formulations of hair care products have been created.
Specialists have developed hair care products: shampoo, balm and mask. The products' compositions contain vitamins A, E, B5, PP, D3, and other useful components.
The brand has been actively developing and has taken the lead in skincare innovation. As a result of numerous studies in different age groups and with varying types of skin, the brand experts discovered the major causes of acne, hyperpigmentation, seborrhea, skin photo- and chrono-aging.
None of the available products on the market did meet the brand's goals: to eliminate the causes of dermatological disease and not only to deal with its signs and consequences.
ViTrio Therapy Anti-Acne products have fulfilled this task according to the "intelligent" approach to the problem.
The ViTrio Therapy Anti-Acne philosophy is the Smart Dermatology concept:
S – Science
M – Medicine
A – Aesthetics
R – Research
T – Tested
This is how the development and production of cosmeceuticals began on the basis of the dermatologists' expertise.
Production. Highest pharmaceutical grade quality. At every production stage, including packaging and transportation, ViTrio Therapy Anti-Acne cosmeceuticals pass through strict quality control by VetProm, a European manufacturer of highly effective drugs in different medical fields.
Purchase of the pharmaceutical plant VetProm in Bulgaria
Plant reconstruction in Bulgaria
Construction of premises and production lines
Creation of the ViTrio Therapy brand
Specialists started the research
Approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation on the compliance of products with the requirements of the Rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
Launch of new production lines in Bulgaria
Work on the ViTrio Therapy hair care line and release
Development of the ViTrio Therapy Anti-Acne brand line
ViTrio Therapy Anti-Acne Product Launch