ANTI-ACNE PROGRAM - for oily and problem skin

Conventionally, the use of the five cosmetic products can be divided into three stages:
Stage I. Cleansing
Specialists have developed ViTrio Therapy Deep Cleansing Foam for combination, oily, and problem skin. It contains innovative and patented complexes that, together with other active ingredients, intensively cleanse, soothe, tone, and improve skin color.
Additionally, you can use the ViTrio Therapy Clarifying Mask for oily and combination skin at this stage. The specially selected compound not only absorbs (sucks in) and subsequently removes pore impurities but also prevents the appearance of oily sheen and detoxes your skin. The mask tightens the pores, giving your skin a matte and healthy look.
Stage II. After cleansing
We recommend treating oily and problem skin with our ViTrio Therapy Expert Express Peeling. This cosmetic product contains active ingredients that, together with hydroxy acids, improve your skin condition and have a mild exfoliating effect on the surface layers of the epidermis and even out the skin microrelief.
Stage III. Moisturizing
Moisturizing emulsion ViTrio Therapy Hydra Mattifying Fluid is has been exclusively developed for problem skin.
The emulsion components regulate the synthesis of lipids on the skin's surface and prevent inflammation. Bisabolol and Allantoin soften dry and irritated skin, making it smoother, while bio-sulfur has antibacterial properties.
ViTrio Therapy Sebum Balancing Cream for combination, oily, and problem skin is an indispensable product in this line. Its active ingredients control sebum secretion, prevent inflammation and bacterial growth.
Hyaluronic acid provides intense deep hydration of your skin, replenishes it with moisture, increases turgor and elasticity.
Our team of specialists has created affordable and high-quality skincare cosmetics for you.
Do not buy products of questionable quality with a suspicious composition.
Entrust your beauty to the professionals of ViTrio Therapy!
Remember that any skin, especially problem skin, requires gentle treatment with carefully selected cosmetic products containing high-quality ingredients.
ViTrio Therapy products possess various properties that your skin can benefit from. They make your skin look great without any excessive effort and expensive products.
Saraeva Irina I.
Brand-expert of the ViTrio Therapy brand in Russia: brand manager and developer of cosmetics
Chemist-technologist of the Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technology
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